Living Words

This project is still very much a work in progress, and started just as a random experiment I wanted to try out. Basically, the purpose of this site is to map/parse interesting words (don’t want any filler words like “a” or “the”) in The Bible, and find the number of occurrences for each word, along with the number of times pairs of words occur in the same verse together. When the user clicks on a word, more words that occur most frequently with the selected word are shown, and connections are established between them. This could definitely be useful when studying a passage of scripture, as main themes and relating verses can be quickly and easily found (although semantics and syntax don’t always correlate with each other). I created a C# application to parse through scripture verses (I’ve only ran it through Genesis), and the website is using Sigma.js for the graph charting. If nothing else, it looks really cool and is fun to explore the words in scripture and where they occur most often!

Link below:

Living Words

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