PSU Schedule Import – Google Chrome Extension

I just started and finished my first published google chrome extension, PSU Schedule Import. This project took me a weekend to create, and it can be used by any Portland State University student to export their term class schedule as a .ics calendar file, and then have the option to import the calendar to almost any calendar software, including Google Calendar, or Microsoft Office Outlook. I was able to achieve this by writing a few javascript functions that run through the PSU schedule html, iteratively find the class title and descriptors (class meeting time, class days, class location), and export/format the data as a .ics file that could then be downloaded to the user’s machine. The extension description and download can be found here:

PSU Schedule Import

Fatty Droid – Android Game Application

I recently completed my first android app, Fatty Droid, a simple side-scrolling game intended for use on mobile android devices. I worked on this game for a few months, off and on during my spare time, and learned a ton about the android development process and JAVA in the process! I used the open source JAVA game development library libGDX to aid with sprite rendering. The application description and download can be found here:

Fatty Droid – Google Play Store